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Shiner spirit leaders cheer on team

Thursday, October 8, 2015
by Carolina Astrain, Victoria Advocate Reporter

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Sarah Neal, left, and Kailey Williams stand along the fence at Comanche Stadium following the football game. The pair have a lock on their spot where they cheer and shout throughout the game.
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all photos by Frank Tilley, The Victoria Advocate
Sarah Neal cheered along with her classmate Kailey Williams at the Comanche Stadium fence line during the Shiner High School football team's recent game against Goliad.

"I'm hoping that our boys put another Shiner victory in the books through playing their hardest," Sarah said.

The Comanches go up against the Refugio Bobcats at its home stadium Friday with a 5-0 record.

"It puts a good look and reputation on the school and motivates all athletes on the day of the game," said Sarah, a junior at Shiner High School.

Kailey, a Comanche sophomore, said while the game is going on, nothing else matters.

"Without our school spirit being there, what is the point of playing?" Kailey, 15, said. "Having school spirit is very important because it shows your fellow classmates and fellow athletes that we support them and we are there to cheer them on - win or lose."

After she graduates, Sarah hopes to follow in her father's footsteps to become a coach.
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Kailey Williams poses with a group of students following the homecoming game after Shiner defeated Goliad.
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"My dream college would be to attend Texas Lutheran University like my mother and father," Sarah said. "I will miss most probably the cheering of the crowd and watching our boys keep the Shiner tradition going."

Kailey said she would like to attend Texas A&M University for four years and later become a coach or go into sports management.

"I'm going to miss the feeling of watching the boys and listening to the band being just as pumped for the game as the guys," Kailey said. "I know for sure that I'm just as excited for the Refugio game as the boys are."

Sarah and Kailey are members of the campus' Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Student Council and volleyball team.

When they were younger they were both managers for the Shiner softball team, which was won the Class 2A State Champion last year.

"I would have to be most proud of being able to attend and cheer on Shiner's best and brightest moments," Sarah said.

Carolina Astrain is a reporter for The Victoria Advocate.
Contact her at 361-580-6578, or by e-mail at

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