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Cerny is coach for all seasons
Wednesday, June 17, 2015
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Steven Cerny coached Shiner to the 2004 state football championship. Cerny has won four state titles, and he's done it in three different sports: football, baseball and softball.
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all photos by Frank Tilley, Victoria Advocate
SHINER - Steven Cerny has been coaching at Shiner for almost half his life.

Not bad for someone who figured he'd stay a few years before seeking greener pastures.

Cerny joined the Shiner staff after leaving Stephen F. Austin, where he played baseball for two seasons and was a graduate assistant coach for another.

"Coming out of playing college ball, I wanted to be a baseball coach," Cerny said. "I really didn't think I would stay in Shiner that long. I figured I would try to move up and be in a bigger classification. I had dreams of being a college baseball coach."

Cerny's plans changed, and he isn't complaining.

He's had the opportunity to provide stability for his family while enjoying unparalleled success in his profession.

Many coaches only dream about winning a state championship. Cerny has won four state titles, and he's done it in three different sports.

Cerny led the Comanches to the 1992 and 2002 state baseball championships, and the 2004 state football championship.

His most recent title came earlier this month when the Lady Comanches won the 2015 state softball championship.
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Steven Cerny came to Shiner in 1989 as head baseball coach and assistant football coach under athletic director Billy Turek.
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Cerny was also an assistant coach for the 2004 baseball team that won a state championship.

"That's what you are allowed to do in a small town," Cerny said. "That's why I stayed here. I love to coach. I really have never liked anybody that specialized, so even as a coach, I've liked being involved with everything.

"You go to a 5A or 6A school you're going to have to specialize. That's what makes Shiner special. You're going to do more than just one sport."

Cerny came to Shiner in 1989 as the head baseball coach.

He took over as the athletic director and head football coach in 2002 when Billy Turek decided to step down.

Cerny coached both sports for a year until Daniel Boedeker, who had played on the 1992 state championship team and was an assistant on the 2002 state championship team, returned to Shiner to become the head baseball coach.

Turek joined Cerny's staff as the defensive coordinator.

"There's just been very little change," Cerny said. "This town has been very consistent with everything. The way the Little League program has been run, the way our football program has been run. You go through the coaching staff and see how many have been here for so many years. I think when you don't have change it allows you to be successful."

Cerny became the head softball coach in 2014 when he was unable to find a candidate with the necessary teaching field to fill the position.
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Shiner coach Steven Cerny has won four state titles in football, baseball and softball.
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Cerny was familiar with the sport. His daughter, Emily, plays youth softball. In addition, Cerny and current assistant, John Hoelter, helped out coach Brandon Siegel during the Lady Comanches' 2011 state championship season.

"I was worried," Cerny admitted. "But I really didn't have to change my style a whole lot, especially during practice. The way you handle boys and girls is a little different. You can be a little tougher on guys at times, where as with girls you have to listen more and be patient. I think our girl athletes work so hard that it allowed me to continue with my style."

Cerny's philosophy has been consistent in whatever sport he coaches.

"I've got great parents and the way they treated people and handled my brothers and sisters and me and the things they taught me, that is what I've carried on in my coaching," he said. "Respect for other people, discipline, hard work, attention to detail. Those were all things my parents did. They are a reflection of my coaching style."

Cerny, 51, has to coach one more year before he can retire with full benefits.

But with his son, Brandon, a junior, playing football, and Emily ready to join the softball team as a freshman, Cerny is likely to stick around.

He has no urge to try and win a state title in volleyball, basketball or track and field.

But Cerny wouldn't mind adding to his current list.

"It's just our coaching mentality," he said. "We play to win. We don't ever think that anybody is going to beat us. We think we're going to be in every game even when we are the underdog.

"I think it's the hard work, the preparation that goes into it and being ready when the first whistle blows or the first pitch is thrown and then playing hard until that last out or that last whistle is blown again. That's what our kids do so well."

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