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Comanches to battle familar foe in second playoff round
Shiner vs. Mason Area Playoff Game Preview

Thursday, November 17, 2016
by Mark Lube, Sports Editor

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Mason Punchers vs Shiner Comanches

Playoff Game Preview: Mason Punchers vs. Shiner Comanches

The Shiner Comanches will meet up with old friends Mason Friday night ( November 18, 2016 at 7:30pm ) in Pflugervile.

Mason is always a quality team when they face Shiner in the playoffs and the case is no different this time around.

"Mason always has lots of tradition, and they have good depth with their numbers this year," Shiner head coach Steven Cerny said.

The Punchers' offense is multiple but they do like their power running sets in the I-formation and Power-I Formation. Mason will also spread it out from time to time.

Cerny said quarterback Otto Worford is a dual-threat quarterback; Caleb Hyatt is the Puncher's main receiver as he stands at 6-2.

Mason will lean on Haddon Hudson for the ground attack.

"They will run the wham play out of the Power-I with him and the sweep," Cerny said.

Correct alignment will be the key for the Comanches defense when dealing with the varied looks of Mason's offense.

"We need to be physical with them because they are big on the offensive line," Cerny said. "We need to play with solid technique."

The Punchers also have lot in their defensive bag, using the 5-2, 5-3 and the split this year.

"We can deal with their line size by being physical, getting low and getting a push. We cannot be content with a stalemate; we have to get a good push up front and open up running lanes."

With Shiner and Mason playing about five or six times in the playoffs in the last seven years or so, the matchup has turned into somewhat of a rivalry.

Mark Lube Mark Lube is the sports editor for the Shiner Gazette. Contact him at 361-594-3346 or

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