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Shiner headed to Yorktown

Thursday, October 20, 2016
by Mark Lube, Sports Editor

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Shiner Comanches at Yorktown Wildcats

Game Preview: Shiner Comanches at Yorktown Wildcats

Shiner head coach Steven Cerny is expecting a tough game in Yorktown this Friday ( October 21, 2016 ).

Yorktown is a spread team that has multiple formations and will also line up in the wishbone.

"They will be physical and our defense has to match that," Cerny said. "They can also test you in space when they spread it out. Our key is to play solid assignment."

Taking advantage of every offensive opportunity will be crucial to Shiner.

"If we are unable to score, then we must win the field position battle. No three-and-outs," Cerny said.

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