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Lady Comanches second at district cross country meet
Thursday, October 22, 2015

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Shiner’s varsity girls runners sprint out to start their race. They took a 2nd place finish in the district cross country meet and will compete again in the regional meet on Monday.
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Shown left, Maggie Grosenbacher runs the final few steps to her first place finish at the district cross country meet in Shiner on Monday. Shown middle, Jenna Berkovsky legs out the finish in the district meet on Monday. She was Shiner’s third varsity girls finisher, placing 11th overall. Shown right, Bobby Stasney (left) and Devin Watson (right) sprint for the finish line in Monday’s varsity boys race.
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photos by Stephanie Kasper
Shiner hosted the 28-2A district cross country meet Monday morning (October 19, 2015) in Green Dickson Park.

The top three teams and top 10 individuals in each district meet advance to the regional meet, which will be held next Monday, Oct. 26, in Corpus Christi.

Advancing to the regional meet for the Comanches will be the varsity girls team, who second in the meet after losing the tie breaker to Flatonia, as well as Noah Matthews who placed 9th in the varsity boys race.

Shiner’s junior high runners also had a great day on the course. The girls took first place, beating out Ganado with 22 team points, and the boys finished first as well over Flatonia with 21 team points.

Varsity Girls

Maggie Grosenbacher, 1st, 12:41; Brooke Kloesel, 2nd, 12:56; Jenna Berkovsky, 11th, 14:05; Greta Grosenbacher, 18th, 14:57; Sarah Tronicek, 23rd, 15:30; Jayde Kurtz, 28th, 15:55; L Rainosek, 29th, 15:58

Varsity Boys

Noah Matthews, 9th, 19:32; Bobby Stasney, 12th, 20:19; Devin Watson, 13th, 20:21

JV Girls

Kaitlynn Cowan, 2nd, 15:59; Gloria Castillo, 3rd, 16:07; Keely Mc- Carthy, 6th, 17:06; Stevie Peters, 7th, 17:14

Junior High Girls

Hannah Pustka, 2nd, 14:28; Mallory Kalina, 5th, 15:45; Mari Grosenbacher, 6th, 15:54; Hana Lehnert, 10th, 16:32; Makayla Adamek, 11th, 16:38; Madison Chumchal, 12th, 16:44; Jasmin Wright, 13th, 14:49; Delaney Rainosek, 17th, 17:29; Kaleigh Knight, 21st, 17:58; Jacy Chrismon, 22nd, 18:01; Malorie Harvey, 23rd, 18:07; Madison Kalina, 26th, 18:29; Kaliyah Murphy, 27th, 18:58; Lauren Gomulka, 29th, 22:30.

Junior High Boys

Jayden Carson, 1st, 12:29; Devin Lehnert, 2nd, 12:48; Cash Shows, 5th, 13:37; Jacquis Miller, 6th, 13:49; Brock Sestak, 7th, 13:56; Aiden Seibert, 10th, 14:10; D Roy, 11th, 14:38; Hector Cruz, 12th, 14:39; Jacquez Miller, 18th, 15:58; Jared Shimek, 20th, 16:21; Francisco Cruz, 21st, 16:28; Ty Winkenwerder, 22nd, 16:30; Mason Davis, 24th, 17:22; Garrett Cowan, 25th, 17:41; Max Machacek, 29th, 20:47.

Shiner Comanche Cross Country   |   Shiner Comanche Sports


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