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Friday Night Fever: Shiner defeats Refugio (Video)

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October 9, 2015

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"Shiner defeats Refugio - 10/09/2015"

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Video Transcript:
"Friday Night Fever highlights: Shiner defeats Refugio - 10/09/2015"

The Refugio Bobcats fall to Shiner in a week 7 matchup.

Unidentified Sports Reporter, KRIS-TV6 Friday Night Fever:

"All right ... hold on to your seats. We got a trifecta of highlights coming your way! Right now, plenty of action on the gridiron ... let's go to the first of our tri-fec-ta ...

"Top Ten showdown. Refugio Bobcats visiting the Shiner Comanches. Right off the bat, Refugio is gonna pass it out into ... whuh-oh, here we go ... some nice blocking from his fellow Bobcats sets up this easy touchdown. Seven - zip, Refugio.

"But Shiner has plans, big plans with the ball. Fakes the handoff, and then 'Stylin' ... Profilin' ... and Movin' and Groovin'. Check out this run ... whoa, Nellie! Nice run for the first down, setting up a field goal. It's now 7 to 3.

"Refugio still has the lead, but the Comanches back at it ... quarterback sneak up the middle from the 5-yard line. They go on to score a touchdown to beat up on the Bobcats.

"Let's update the score in this one ... ooooh ... 30-19. Shiner gives Refugio ... a 'Shiner'."

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