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Week 12 Bi-District Playoff Game Preview:
Shiner vs. Riviera Kaufer

by Mark Lube, Gonzales Cannon Sports
November 12, 2015

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Class 2A-DI Bi-District
Shiner vs Riviera Kaufer

7:30 p.m. Thursday (today) at Bulldog Stadium, Three Rivers

Usually, you prefer to play teams you are familiar with. However, the Shiner Comanches are glad their bi-district round opponent, Riviera-Kaufer, are not familiar with them.

"We have never played them in football; we have in softball," Shiner head coach Steven Cerny said. "We feel better that R-K is not familiar with us especially when it comes to our veer offense."

The Seahawks run the spread on offense, a system Shiner has seen in non-district and against Refugio.

"They are really quick and run the jet sweep well," Cerny said.

Receiver Frank Alegria will be the receiver getting the ball on the jet sweep.

In formations, the Seahawks like the shotgun but will get into some two-backs, and will use lots of motion.

The offense will be masterminded by quarterback Gabriel Castillo.

"Our defense will have to play their assignments well," Cerny said. "Especially the linebackers when defending the jet sweep. Kaufer can fake the sweep, and run counter and lead; our linebackers have to play their keys and not bite on the motion. Our secondary cannot let their receivers slip past."

Kaufer runs either the 5-2 or 6-1 on defense.

Key players on the Seahawk defense are linebackers Zach Gonzales and Robert Acevedo.

It will be a short week for Shiner but shorter for Kaufer as they played their last regular-season game on Saturday.

Cerny said playing on Thursday will be an advantage for Shiner.

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