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Week 10 Game Preview: Schulenburg at Shiner

by Mark Lube, Gonzales Cannon Sports
October 29, 2015

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Schulenburg at Shiner

The Comanches could wrap up a share of the district title this week as they host Schulenburg. Shiner sits at 3-0 with Weimar, Flatonia and Refugio all sitting at one loss while Schulenburg and Ganado are both 0-3.

"It will be a huge game for us," Shiner head coach Steven Cerny said.

The Shorthorns are a spread team whose offense is dicated throught the play of sizeable quarterback Josh Brown and running back Javeon Lara.

"Josh Brown is a big kid and Javeon Lara is lightning fast," Cerny said. " Lara will get the ball on the jet sweep and some read option plays."

He said Schulenburg will mix up the type of passes thrown.

"They will go short, short, short then hit you with a deep ball," Cerny said. "Our defensive line needs to ge some push and disrupt their backfield."

The "Horns come out in the split on defense and are a big fan of linebacker blitzes.

"They will show linebacker blitz and come after you; they will show it then back off," Cerny said. "Their defensive line is big and led by Davon Granger while Caleb Valchar is a key linebacker."

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