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Comanche Cross Country results at Shiner meet
by Gonzales Cannon Sports
Thursday, October 8, 2015

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Girls Varsity

The Shiner St. Paul Lady Cardinals took first place in the Varsity Girls 1A-2A race with 26 points and the hosts were in second place with 52 points.

Emma Morgan led St. Paul with a second-finish in 12 minutes, 49 seconds; Elyssa Wagner was fourth in 13:06, followed by Hope Kapavik in 13:22; Bailey Blair was seventh in 13:23; Riley Johnson was No. 10 in 13:43; Ashley Wachsmuth was No. 13 in 13:50

For the Lady Comanches, Maggie Grosenbacher was first with 12:38; Brooke Kloesel was third in 12:55; Greta Grosenbacher was ninth in 13:39; Jenna Berkovsky was No. 14 with 13:57; Jayde Kurtz was No. 30 in 15:12, Kaitlyn Cowan was behind her in 15:20; Gloria Castillo was No. 35 in 15:35.

A. Rainosek was No. 38 in 15:47; Stevie Peters was No. 40 in 16:08 and Keely McCarthy was No. 46 in 17:03.

The Luling Lady Eagles took sixth in Varsity Girls 3A-5A race with 118 points.

Celina Hernandez came in second for Luling with 12:48; Lyndsey Lucas was eighth in 13:34; Alex Campos was No. 27 in 14:30; Briana Cruz was No. 33 in 14:46; Juliana Reyes was No. 50 in 18:52

For Nixon-Smiley, Chaelee Mejia was No. 42 in 15:16; Laila Alvarez was No. 47 in 15:58

Boys Varsity

Shiner St. Paul took first in the Varsity Boys 1A-2A with 35 points and Waelder was in third with 58 points.

For St. Paul, Nathan Wagner was fourth in 18:34; Andrew Wagner was sixth in 18:57; Walker Jackson was seventh in 19:00; Jacob Darilek No. 14 in 20:02 and Lane Jackson followed in 20:04; Cole Brown was No. 23 in 21:43.

For the Wildcats, Steven Ewing was fifth with 18:53; Jose Aguilar was No. 12 in 19:40; John Aguilar followed in 19:45.

For Shiner, Bobby Stasney was No. 17 in 20:23 and Devin Watson followed with 20:53.

The Luling Eagles took first place in the Varsity Boys 3A-5A with 40 points and Nixon-Smiley was eighth with 194.

For Luling, Leonardo Reyna was fourth in 16:07, followed by Isaac Castillo in 16:47, Buster Roberts in 17:09 and Samuel Renteria in 17:19. Damian Palacios was No. 18 in 19:01; Will Calloway was No. 29 in 19:29.

For Nixon. A. Rangel was No. 17 in 18:39; Clay Mejia was No. 32 in 19:41; J. Vasquez was No. 45 in 20:53; Francisco Reyes was No. 49 in 22:13; E milo Espinal was No. 51 in 22:57.

Junior Varsity

In the girls junior varsity race, A. Ford of Waelder was third in 14:48 and teammate A. Garza was No. 19 in 16:29.

In the boys JV race, Waelder was third with 72 points. Tracey Moore was No. 10 in 13:13; J. Schilhan was No. 18 in 14:26 and A. Reyna followed in 14:49. B. Martinez was No. 22 in 15:38 and J. Nino was No. 24 in 17:38.

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