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Game Preview: Ganado at Shiner
by Mark Lube, Gonzales Cannon Sports Editor
Wednesday, October 30, 2013

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Shiner hosts the Ganado Indians in the final regular-season home game for the Comanches.

With both teams undefeated in district play, the game is being billed as the fight for the district title.

"It is going to be your typical Shiner-Ganado game," Shiner head coach Steven Cerny said. "It is always a close game and we are evenly matched this year."

Ganado is multiple on offense, running double-tights and other power formations, and also spreading out opposing defenses using the shotgun.

Expect Ganado to use Clay Vesely, Kenny Kocian, Kaleb Leal and Benny Garcia to run the football most of the time. They will run behind the blocks of offensive tackle Roman Leal and tight end Thomas Parks.

Kameron Smith and Taylor Thedford are two of the Indian receiving weapons.

"They will force our defense to always be playing assignment football," Cerny said.

The Comanches have struggled with hanging onto the football in the last couple of weeks.

"We have to do a better of job of not fumbling the football in a game," he said.

Shiner Comanche Football


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