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Lady Comanches hurdle big obstacles to return to top
Thursday, November 3, 2011
by Mark Lube, Gonzales Cannon Sports

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Volleyball Success is something that does not often happen by accident or luck.

It is something that has to be "chosen".

The Shiner Lady Comanches made the right choice despite some steep hills to climb.

"We had two starters lost early in the season because of injury and waited on another player to return from a basketball season-ending injury. The team took these obstacles as challenges that tested both their physical and mental abilities," Shiner coach Michelle Winkenwerder said. "They have shown remarkable resilience and flexibility in overcoming those obstacles."

She said the adversity forced the Lady Comanches to play at levels that might have gone untapped with a healthy team.

The Lady Comanche patience with their personnel issues has paid off.

"We now have two of those three players back in uniform and contributing their skills and talents to the team," Winkenwerder said. "Considering that we are 27-8 and seven of those losses came from several top-ranked teams in the state without a healthy team, we cannot wait to have fun in the playoffs."

Shiner’s district is comprised of fellow state ranked teams of Ganado and Flatonia and of developing programs Prairie Lea, Louise and Waelder.

Winkenwerder said Shiner respects all of its district opponents without regards to records or abilities

"To win district, we have to avoid injuries, be prepared for anything and show up to play on game night or someone else will gladly take the title," she said.

The Lady Comanches practice and prepare for matches the same, regardless of the opponent.

"The overall things we do in practice to prepare for a team like Flatonia are no different from how we approach to win against a budding program," Winkenwerder said. "All teams have to be able to serve and serve receive if you are looking to win. We will study and discuss tendencies that we expect to see from our opponents to give us the best chance for success."

The Lady Comanches will face Agua Dulce (third place 31-1A).

Shiner is taught to stay in the present and never look to the past or ahead to the future.

"Our girls are constantly reminded not to take any team for granted and that on any given night, any team can win," Winkenwerder said. "Do not look ahead, do not look behind, concentrate on the job in front of us at that particular time. We have to relax, have fun and execute our game plan. If we play Lady Comanche volleyball, the winning and the losing will take care of itself."

The area round match will take place at Odem High School at 7 p.m. today.

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