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Shiner, Luling bands eyeing state contest
by Cedric Inglehart
Monday, November 3, 2011

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The 2011 State Marching Band Contest taking place at the Alamodome in San Antonio.
photo captured from UIL streaming video by BaerCom
Two area bands have earned bids to compete in the UIL State Marching Band Contest, which will held this Monday at the Alamodome in San Antonio.

The Shiner Comanche Marching Band will be making its third state appearance in six years, after finishing ninth in 2005 and fifth in 2007. Shiner is scheduled to take the field at 10:46 a.m.

The band has been spectacular all season long and have garnered several honors including 1st Division Ratings at contests in Brenham, Edna and the regional competition in Giddings.

"Itís been a really great year and the kids have worked very hard since August," said Shiner band director Stephen Krupicka. "Theyíve been ahead of the game all year long and are just a great group of kids to work with. They wanted to get to state and were willing to do whatever it took to get there."

The piece the band will be performing a state is entitled "The Trail of Tears," an original composition by Barry Hurt based on the historical implications from the forced movement of Native Americans off their homelands.

"With us being the Comanches, I thought it would be cool for us to do a show like this," explained Krupicka. "I re-wrote a few parts of it to sort of make it ours and put that Shiner touch on it. The crowds have really gotten into it when weíve performed it and itís been exciting."

Krupicka, who is in his eighth year at Shiner, said he likes the chances of his band doing well at state against the 16 other competing groups and possibly improving on their previous finish.

"I think we have a shot at doing something really good," he said. "Itís hard to tell because thereís so many great bands that are going to be there. Itíll be tough for us to win, but thereís no telling because I know these kids are going to play well."

Members of the Shiner Comanche Marching Band include: Drum Majors Nicholle Tieken and Shelly Kresta, Abbie Abernathy, Devin Alegria, Kelsey Berkman, Ryan Bickham, Sam Bickham, Kayla Blaschke, Trevor Bryan, Amanise Coleman,

Also, Shamyra Coleman, Stephanie Coronado, Chris Culak, Caleb Curtis, Paige Dollard, Rebekah Downey, Ernie Egan, Rose Egan, Eric Estrada, Alexandra Flynn, Matthew Foster, Emily Gamez, Michelle Garza, Maggie Grosenbacher,

Also, Tamara Hajek, Riley Handley, Jennifer Hartl, Ashley Hauptman, Kris Hauptman, Skyler Henry, Christopher Herman, Audry Horsley, Ashley Indorf, D.J. Jaehne, Kelli Jamison, Evel Jones, Jayde Kurtz, Samantha Logsdon, Coy Mathis, Alicia Matthews, Jessica Mauric, Keely McCarthy, Blake Mraz,

Also, Samantha Neal, Hannah Nevlud, James Ohlhausen, Kevin Ohlhausen, Hailey Pardy, Chad Rabke, Alexis Rainosek, Sarah Reese, Breana Renken, Marcus Rodriquez, Jodi Rogers, Kimberly Roznovsky, Alana Saldana, Jose Sanchez, Chase Schroeder, Kelsey Seymour, Cassidy Simper, Bobby Stasney, Sarah Stluka, Abby Tieken, Michael Turnini, Marlon Wallace and Ethan Zissa.

The band is under the direction of Stephen Krupicka and Sarah Rose.

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