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Friday Football Fever: Shiner Football Gets Big Home Win (Video)

Don Brubaker, NewsCenter 25 Sports
October 14, 2016

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"Shiner Football Gets Big Home Win - 10-14-2016"

video credit: Howard Esse for NewsCenter 25 Sports
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Shiner Football Gets Big Home Win

published by Don Brubaker, NewsCenter25 Sports Director
Updated: Oct 14, 2016 11:00 pm

Shiner football improved to 2-0 in 15-2A Division I Friday night.
The Comanches downed Weimar, 26-7.

Audio Transcript: (Don Brubaker speaking)

"Another big game from that district [15-2A-D1] as Shiner hosted Weimar.

Now Weimar first getting the ball, starting the second half. They were driving down the field nicely against the Comanches when quarterback Brody Gall hands off to Colton Christian ... goes up the middle ... loses the football ... Comanches middle linebacker Cole Jalufka will takes possession of it.

"After change of possession, the Comanches from the Wildcat eleven ... it's a pitch to Shiner running back Collin Bujnoch ... who runs right towards the camera and all the way in for the touchdown. 20-7 Comanches at that point."

"All right ... score update now from Shiner ... and this game is a final ... Shiner wins it 26-7."

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