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Friday Football Fever: Shiner Football Wins 40-0 (Video)

Don Brubaker, NewsCenter 25 Sports
October 30, 2015

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"Shiner Football Wins 40-0 - 10-30-2015"

video credit: Howard Esse for NewsCenter 25 Sports
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Video Transcript: "Shiner Football Wins 40-0 - 10-30-2015"

Don Brubaker, NewsCenter25 Sports Director:

"Thanks for staying with us on the Fever. Ashley's joining us. Now I'll tell you what ... as I first reported Friday morning morning on our website,, Shiner football moved up its kickoff time Friday night. Our Howard Esse was there, on time, for the fourth-ranked Comanches, hosting Schulenburg in 15-2A Division 1 action.

"Alright, right to the action. Early in the first quarter, Shiner's second possession deep in the Schulenburg territory. Shiner's Chad Neubauer 10 yard gain, and that would set up Shiner's first score, a one-yard dive off left guard by Shiner's backup quarterback, Ty Boedeker. Shiner led early in the game seven-nothing.

"Next possession by the Shorthorns, quarterback Caleb Balcher runs to the left ... OHHH ... the pitch is intercepted! Justin Stein jumps the pitch route!? Ten-yard touchdown ... 14-nothing Shiner.

"And then Shiner head coach Steven Cerny going for a bit of trick-er-ation ... an end-around ... check this out, folks. Going one way .. oh, yeah ... this is nice. Justin Stovall gets the ball, makes a cut ... clear sailing ... oh, nice cut! He's gone! Touchdown Shiner ... 20 to nothing Shiner at that point.

"And, now, the latest score from the Cleanest Little City in Texas, it is now a final ... Shiner wins it *[ 41 ] 40 - nothing. So the only undefeated team in our area stays that way ... now 9 and 0 overall, 4-0 in district, for the number four ranked Shiner Comanches."

* NOTE: Near the end of the game, the scoreboard at Comanche Stadium incorrectly reported the score as 41-0 ... this was later corrected online and in print, but the video report was incorrect when aired.

Shiner Football wins
published by Ashley Park
Updated: Updated: 10/30 10:43 pm

The Shiner Comanches hosted Schulenburg Friday night.
The Comanches won 40-0.

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